Creative Ways to Recycle Your Wine Bottle

I don't know why, but I have always enjoyed creating something out scraps or leftovers. Most of us have this tendency to reuse, reclaim, recycle...and we should...not only does it reduce waste but the end products can be extraordinarily beautiful and/or useful. From farming to winemaking and beyond, recycling and reuse is the key to sustainability. Here at Carneros Wine Company we take that very seriously. The majority of our electricity is produced from solar panels, our tractors are energy efficient and our bottlings produce a minimum of waste, most of which is recycled. We are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint and look for products that align with our commitment to sustainability. 

Here is a great post for learning how to cut a wine bottle. We recommend following these instructions. Read the article here!

Needless to say we have a lot of wine bottles laying around and I have always wanted to try cutting them at home to create some outrageous installation (that has absolutely not happened), but I did look up how to cut bottles at home. Here is what I found, and a few inspirational projects, linked below. Please share your projects with us and remember to wear your goggles and gloves!


 We love this planter because it is self sustaining... Read the "how-to" here!

 Although we don't have specific instructions for this one we thought the image might be enough.



 How to build a Wine Bottle Wall



Have you ever wanted to stay in house MADE of wine bottles?! You can. Check this out, located in Joshua Tree, California.

 Tiny Home Made from Recycled Wine Bottles

There are endless possibilities when it comes to getting creative, and this is just a small window into the unique projects people have created with recycled bottles. We hope you enjoyed this and we look forward to seeing what YOU come up with.


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